What is PVA?

Whereas PVA (polyvinylalcohol, solid substance – water-soluble synthetic polymer) is being used in textile production for much longer time than for fish hunting, according to this and because of our very long tradition in textile branch we have a lot of experience with this material.

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 How to work with PVApracespva

To use maximal potential of PVA meshes, it is recommended to follow certain procedures, read tips of experts and hunt with PVA like professionals!

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phPVA Ph neutral??!!

Ph NEUTRAL – When we discovered news on some e-stores, stating the fact that their PVA products are Ph neutral and doesn´t have a bad smell, we got curious.

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 Summer, winter, whole year?seasons

When is it possible to use PVA? Are there any kinds intended only for certain seasons of the year?

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britishflagThe real english mesh

All that glitters is not gold. English PVA meshes are all made in China.

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How to/not to call things in the right way confused

Don´t buy pig in a poke, some companies are giving misleading information on their products.

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